The Importance of Supporting Local and Canadian Owned Businesses

There’s something enriching about embracing businesses in your own backyard. Across Canada, from the bustling streets of Toronto to the charming towns of Nova Scotia, local businesses – small and large – form the beating heart of communities. Besides benefiting from fresh, quality local ingredients, there are socioeconomic factors at play. Foodbuy Canada’s Corporate Chef Wayne Nichols explains why it’s important to support local and Canadian owned businesses in the foodservice industry.

A picture of Chef Wayne standing in the kitchen with some ingredients in front of himLocal businesses are the backbone of Canada’s economy playing a vital role in job creation and fostering a sense of identity within communities. Whether it’s the family-owned bakery that’s been serving up freshly baked goods for generations, or the dairy processor Saputo (who started their now global company in Montreal during the 50s) employing 6,000 Canadians, these businesses contribute to the fabric of Canadian society in unique and irreplaceable ways.

Choosing to purchase locally fosters environmental benefits. By reducing the distance goods travel from producer to operator, local sourcing helps minimize carbon emissions associated with transportation. A shorter distance traveled may also translate into fresher ingredients. Moreover, many local businesses prioritize sustainability, sourcing ingredients or materials from nearby suppliers, and implement eco-friendly practices that minimize their environmental footprint. This is one of the reasons Foodbuy Canada partners with suppliers such as Canadian owned Burnbrae Farms who has established operations cross-country to secure local eggs and egg products.

While the merits of supporting local businesses are clear, it’s necessary to acknowledge the challenges they face, particularly in an era dominated by global competition, technological advancement, and rising operating costs. Bamford’s and Hector Larivee provide fresh produce solutions for Foodbuy Canada’s sourcing needs while supporting local economies and preserving farmlands in Canada. By rallying together and actively choosing local businesses, the foodservice industry can help mitigate these challenges and ensure their continued success.

Supporting local businesses is about more than just making a purchase—it’s about investing in the well-being and prosperity of our communities. Albeit not every purchase made can be home-grown due to demand and associated costs. In these situations, operators should be mindful of which manufacturers they are purchasing from. Maple Leaf, for example, gives back to communities across Canada in numerous ways including their Raise the Good in the Neighbourhood volunteer program and provides funding for food insecurity initiatives. Selecting companies dedicated to providing resources to communities they impact enables us all to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Chef Nichols concludes, “embracing the local spirit is not merely a choice; it’s a celebration of our collective heritage and a testament to the values of solidarity, resilience, and inclusivity that define us as a nation.”

As Canadians, we are privileged to live in a country teeming with diverse cultures, landscapes, and traditions. The economic ripple effect of supporting local or Canadian owned businesses reverberates throughout communities, generating employment opportunities, stimulating growth, and fostering a virtuous cycle of prosperity throughout the nation. Consider the positive impact you’ll be making when choosing to support local or Canadian owned businesses before placing the next order for your operations.

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