Partner with us to turn your purchases into profit

Our Mission

Innovative, Flexible Procurement Solutions

We are devoted to helping both our members and suppliers grow by delivering the highest level of customer value and experience through innovative, flexible procurement solutions.

Foodbuy Values

Much more than a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), we help realize savings and efficiencies by collecting purchasing volume and using that leverage to negotiate discounts with manufacturers, distributors and other vendors. Here's how we do it.


We dedicate our vast purchasing power and scale to developing unique, tailored procurement solutions yielding maximal value for each of our members.


No matter how challenging or demanding your business needs may seem to be, we maintain a positive outlook and high level of confidence at all times to make the deals happen.


We deal with a plethora of industries, organizations, and products. Our size, experience, and expertise provides us with the resources required to offer the innovative and customized solutions we're known for providing.


Unlike other GPOs, we are committed to full disclosure in regards to the contracts we negotiate. You’ll know how much you’re saving, how much we’re saving, the details of your spend, and the scope of your opportunity.


Corporate Social Responsibility

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Innovative Procurement Solutions

Partner with us to turn your purchases into profit.

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