From Mali, West Africa to Canada, and from Business Law to Procurement, Aissata Sylla, currently a Member Engagement Coordinator at Foodbuy, has been busy conquering new territories with each stride. Aissata began her journey with Foodbuy about a year ago, holding a Pre Master’s in Business Law and Social Science, as well as an MA in Global Crime and Justice from the University of York, United Kingdom.Aissata Sylla headshot

Her role involves providing support to the Member Development Account Managers by reconnecting and building relationships with our Members. Fluent in both English and French, Aissata takes pride in her ability to provide exceptional
customer service to our Members, meeting the standards set by Foodbuy. Additionally, she ensures a thorough and smooth implementation and integration of all new Foodbuy programs for them.

Being new to Canada, she sought a role that would allow her to focus on her business skills and chose to do so by accepting a position at Foodbuy Canada. Describing her experience at Foodbuy, Aissata believes that her willingness to learn and desire to improve are what make her successful in her role. ‘Every day brings a new learning opportunity for me at Foodbuy,’ she says.

According to Aissata, her mother and her current manager have played instrumental roles in her life. ‘They are so different in some ways and so much alike in others. I have learned a great deal from them and continue to learn about being a woman of character, faith, love, strength, and fearlessness,’ expresses Aissata.”

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