Activités d'approvisionnement innovantes

Nos équipes d'approvisionnement et de développement de catégories travaillent pour profiter à la fois aux membres et aux fournisseurs de plusieurs façons:

  • Stimuler la croissance de la catégorie et renforcer les programmes de catégorie, en tirant parti d’un portefeuille de fournisseurs leaders du secteur
  • Développer et exécuter une stratégie de catégorie qui anticipe les tendances du marché
  • Collaborer avec les partenaires fournisseurs pour trouver les meilleurs produits et services pour répondre aux besoins des clients
  • Tirez parti de l’expertise de la chaîne d’approvisionnement pour réduire les coûts et améliorer l’efficacité
  • Agir en tant que moteur de l’exécution du programme, pour obtenir les meilleurs résultats pour nos clients, nos distributeurs et nos fournisseurs
  • Fournir un soutien et des conseils aux partenaires fournisseurs afin qu’ils puissent améliorer continuellement les performances et s’aligner sur les objectifs du client
Développement de catégorie

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Témoignages clients

I have worked with Foodbuy with several organizations and believe that being part of the Foodbuy program is the best decision companies can make to reduce their costs.”

Business Owner

I would recommend the Foodbuy program to any camp large or small. The process to join the Foodbuy program is simple, flawless and pain free. We have been on the program for two months and have realized several thousands of dollars in savings on purchases plus we have received rebate cheques from national brands.”

Camping Association President

The Culinary Solutions Team at Foodbuy is a win-win for everyone involved and we look forward to expanding the program for years to come. ”

President, Group Purchasing Organization

The Culinary Solutions Team at Foodbuy worked with us to establish targets and goals to drive commitment and compliance with our committed members. This yielded significant savings for our members while simultaneously driving value to the supplier community.”

President, Group Purchasing Organization

When we joined the Foodbuy program, it didn’t cost us a thing. The Foodbuy folks navigated us through the process, connecting the program to our food supplier. In total, for all of our properties, we have received in excess of $30,000.”

Resort Owner

For many years, we had been negotiating direct and integrated relationships with many vendors and distributors as an internal function of the business. When Foodbuy approached us as a procurement partner we had our doubts that they could provide much more value than what we were achieving on our own. Since collaborating and partnering with Foodbuy, we’ve seen dramatic improvement to our food cost by rationalizing SKUs, building compliancy and growing our annual rebate revenue year over year.”

Vice President, Corporate Operations & Member Services

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