What types of products and services do Foodbuy members purchase?

In addition to purchasing food through broadline distribution, Foodbuy members buy many types of disposable packaging and cleaning supplies. Members are also able to take advantage of many direct service and supply programs through Foodbuy, which include wireless services, pest control, and uniform rentals. Lastly, Foodbuy offers many local, non-broadline options for produce, bakery, meat, and seafood purchases.

Can Foodbuy provide the detailed nutritional information that I need to best serve my customers?

Yes. Foodbuy is able to offer our Members access to Webtrition – our web-based, proprietary ingredient, recipe and menu management solution. Webtrition has numerous capabilities that allow our customers to manage ingredients, define recipes, organize menus around food costs and more.

It also provides comprehensive reporting so customers know exactly what comprises each specific meal they serve. This reporting alone has made Webitrition one of Foodbuy’s most popular services with our Healthcare customers.

Whom should I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions regarding the Supplier Diversity Program email [email protected]

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