What are Managed Order Guides (MOGs)?

Managed Order Guides (MOGs) are product catalogs that contain only products approved for purchase by a brand at a local distributor. These include brand standard products as well as short-term use products, and is an exhaustive list of products available for purchase by an end user. MOGs can vary by distributor and distribution location based on availability, and are most successful when managed by individual distributor location.

What benefits do Managed Order Guides offer?

MOGs allow brands the ability to completely control what an operation purchases, and eliminates the possibility of purchases that are not aligned with the brand’s core purchasing philosophies and brand standards. This allows purchasing teams to make sure operations purchases the best products at the best prices, creating better cost control. They can track inventory of products in every distribution location used by that unit. Distributors may offer and recommend substitutes for items that may be out of stock, but the products they recommend must be approved by the brand. The use of MOGs offers real time deletions or additions of items, and supplies brands with the ability to track approved purchases by location. Any operational unit on a MOG receives purchasing reports and data from the distributors they use.

Who uses Managed Order Guides?

MOGs are utilized by many industries, including foodservice, manufacturing, and industrial building. Any industry that needs to better control purchasing costs can implement a MOG to reduce unnecessary spending on raw materials.

Who controls and manages Managed Order Guides (MOGs)?

Control of MOGs is usually managed by distribution, purchasing, or both. If a brand has a dedicated purchasing department or works with a purchasing firm, they will often decide which items are approved and work with distribution to make sure the items are available at the local distribution location for each operational unit to purchase.

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