The golf course industry, like many others in the foodservice and hospitality industry, has struggled with labour shortages. From seasonal fluctuations to the need for specialized skills, golf courses often find themselves struggling to maintain adequate staffing levels. However, innovative staffing services such as Staff Shop and Trillium HR offer viable solutions to these challenges. By leveraging Foodbuy’s partnerships with staffing service providers, golf courses gain access to additional resources and support in managing their workforce.

Golf courses experience significant variations in demand throughout the year. Seasonal peaks, tournaments, and events can strain existing staff or necessitate the hiring of additional personnel. Furthermore, golf course operations require a diverse skill set, ranging from groundskeeping and maintenance to customer service and event management. Finding individuals with the right expertise and availability poses a considerable challenge for many golf courses. This is where experience in staffing can be critical to finding the right people for the job.

Staff Shop and Trillium HR are staffing service providers that specialize in providing temporary, permanent, and specialized personnel to various industries, including hospitality and leisure. These agencies understand the unique demands of the golf course industry and tailor their services to address them effectively.

Staff Shop is a privately held Canadian-Indigenous-Women owned staffing and consulting firm servicing Canada, USA, and the Caribbean and is an award-winning diverse supplier, certified with Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB), Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC), Women Business Enterprises Canada (WBE) & WEConnect International. The company offers efficient and effective staffing solutions, allowing golf courses to scale their workforce based on fluctuating demand. As a one-stop-shop with a focus on trained and insured professionals, Staff Shop ensures that clients receive top-quality staffing solutions for their diverse needs. Whether it’s hiring seasonal workers for peak periods or recruiting specialized personnel for events or permanent roles in any department, Staff Shop as Canada’s Master Distributor of The CVI™, the most accurate and reliable Human Assessment on Earth, provides access to a pool of skilled professionals easing the burden on golf course operators.

“Elevating People, Business & Experiences is our value proposition and what that really means is; you can count on Staff Shop as the certified diverse human capital ally and consultant for your protection and effectiveness, with a small business heart and big business impact.” – Staff Shop Founder & CEO, Jennifer Ménard-Shand

Similarly, Trillium HR, a Woman Owned, Diverse supplier, certified with Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC), Women Business Enterprises Canada (WBE) & WEConnect International, focuses on matching golf courses with highly qualified personnel, from Front Line staff to the Executive level.  With over 25 years of experience, Trillium thrives in Hospitality and Health Industries, providing innovative people solutions, be it through direct hire or temporary staffing, professional staff recruitment or volume recruitment. Their recruitment process emphasizes skills, experience, and cultural fit, ensuring that every staff member contributes positively to the golf course’s operations. From groundskeepers and pro shop attendants to event coordinators, Trillium HR delivers staffing solutions that meet the industry’s diverse needs.

“Adding Value Through People” is our Mission. Reacting beyond simple challenges sets a new standard in recruiting. As your “smart partner,” we understand that thinking ahead, knowing your company and anticipating change results in quick and efficient problem solving that positively impacts your bottom line. Our customized search and recruitment process helps us achieve our clients’ goals with a multi-dimensional but streamlined approach.” President & CEO Poonam Kathuria, Trillium HR

Golf clubs can also consider hiring interns. Consider partnering with local Universities or Colleges offering relevant programs in hospitality, sports management, or culinary arts. University career centres often facilitate internship placements and can connect clubs with prospective interns. Another option to find interns is through online job boards, industry-specific platforms, and professional networking sites also serve as valuable resources to advertise internship opportunities.

Foodbuy’s partnerships with staffing agencies extend the range of available services to members, providing golf courses with comprehensive staffing solutions. Whether it’s recruiting culinary staff for clubhouse restaurants or hiring maintenance personnel for course upkeep, Foodbuy’s network of partners enhances the capabilities of golf course operators to address staffing and labour challenges. By using companies like Staff Shop or Trillium HR golf courses can optimize their staffing strategies while maximizing operational efficiency and profitability. With the right staffing support in place, golf courses can focus on what they do best – providing unforgettable moments on the green for enthusiasts and guests alike.


This is an excerpt from the Foodbuy 2024 Golf Club and Leisure Guide. To read the guide, click here.

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