Take Menu Engineering to the Next Level With Chefs Chris Hall and Graham Schave

The standout element in any seafood dish is – of course – the seafood. You want to make sure you’re sourcing high-quality fish and shellfish for your kitchen. That’s why the Culinary Solutions Team at Foodbuy has partnered with High Liner Foods. Our goal is to provide members with top-of-the-line seafood products and culinary consulting services that optimize procurement. In this video, Chef Chris Hall of Foodbuy teams up with Chef Graham Schave of High Liner Foods to show the menu engineering possibilities of their pan-seared garlic and herb tilapia.


The chefs showcase three unique dishes. All using this product from North America’s leading supplier of value-added seafood. The savory tilapia is paired with farro and vegetables, added to a fajita plate and used in a modern take on the banh mi sandwich. All three recipes showcase the versatility of this easy-prep item.


As the next part of our culinary consulting unboxing series, this video covers many uses of a popular product that you can access through your partnership with Foodbuy. Watch the video now to learn more.


Elevate Your Menu Offerings Through Culinary Consulting

The proper menu engineering can change the game when it comes to both guest experience and supply chain management. That’s why Chef Chris Hall and the rest of our Culinary Solutions Team works hard to assist our members through a suite of culinary consulting services. These offerings are designed to simplify your procurement strategy, limit food waste and ultimately improve your bottom line.


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