In an era where environmental sustainability is more crucial than ever, innovative companies are emerging as champions of change. Waste Solutions is a leading independent manager of waste and recycling services throughout North America. By providing a better waste management experience, through technology-enabled solutions, at less cost, Waste Solutions is revolutionizing waste disposal practices. They have been making waves not only for their innovative solutions, but also for their commitment to sustainability.

Waste Solutions is an outsourced waste partner, delivering on average 10 to 20% in real cost savings. The service is free with no obligations. They have a simple process, by completing a cost assessment of your current spend, Waste Solutions can typically save clients 10 to 15% in the first 60 days. This is followed up with an operational and technology assessment that may include remote sensors in your bins to catch over servicing and missed pickups. This often results in an additional 5 to 10% in savings. Their focus is to continuously drive costs down, hold existing vendors accountable and ensure that their clients are meeting their sustainability targets now and into the future. The company can do all of this at less cost, with national buying power, industry experience, and a technology-based approach.

Foodbuy has established a partnership with Waste Solutions, which supports our commitment to offer our Members sustainable and environmentally responsible business solutions. With Waste Solutions, Members can reduce their waste and optimize their recycling and waste removal efforts, resulting in more efficient and environmentally conscious operations. Waste Solutions operates like a group purchasing organization for waste disposal. They leverage their size and their partnerships with over 200 vendors across Canada, to drive efficiencies and cost-savings for their customers.

A Mission to Reduce Waste

With a mission to provide a better waste management experience for clients, Waste Solutions was founded on a simple yet powerful vision: optimize efficiency, improve sustainability, and reduce cost through technology-enabled solutions.

“Our objective is to enhance the waste management experience by leveraging technology and conducting thorough waste assessments to deliver optimal solutions, ensuring the most favorable cost structures for our clients,” says Rhoda McCandless, Director of Sales, Waste Solutions Canada.

Advanced Technologies for Waste Reduction

What sets the company apart is their comprehensive approach to waste management. Rather than viewing waste as a single-issue problem, the company takes a holistic perspective, it’s an independent third-party company with investments in smart tech. This is transforming the industry by turning waste equipment into intelligent data centers.

Waste Solutions offers a digital cloud-based waste management software which is a centralized hub for all garbage and recycling metrics. This means, companies are linked directly to their analytics portal for real-time data of fill levels, service levels and more. It analyses data including hauler and recycler invoices, weight reports, sensor data, and conducts waste audits. The software automatically scrubs vendor invoices, cross references all line items with contracts and organizes verified and critiqued data for reporting. Further, it offers insights such as financial metrics, environmental metrics, sustainability reporting, and site-level details.

Rhoda McCandless, Director of Sales, Waste Solutions Canada further adds, “We consider all options when looking at a piece of business. We can execute a new agreement that saves operators money and/or we can also look at acquiring existing contracts. What sets us apart is our thorough evaluation of existing arrangements to provide clients with optimized solutions. For instance, if a client is exploring opportunities in an area such as Woodstock, ON, we conduct thorough assessments of all the local partners and haulers. We aim to ensure the best price while prioritising service excellence. Our aim is to present options transparently, enabling everyone to explore and secure the most advantageous pricing structures.”

At the heart of the success of Waste Solutions lies its implementation of advanced waste reduction technologies. By leveraging data-driven insights and automation, the company optimizes waste collection and disposal processes, minimizing their clients’ environmental impact. From efficient sorting methods to waste-to-energy solutions, these technologies not only reduce landfill waste but also promote resource recovery.

The company provides ‘smart sensors’, a unique combination of sensor hardware and analytics software, combined with customized reporting and a smartphone app, which optimizes efficiency and helps improve service transparency.

Rhoda shares, “This year, we introduced our proprietary software platform. Essentially, all aspects related to our clients’ waste management services are consolidated within this portal. It provides operators unrestricted access to data whenever they need it. This feature proves to be exceptionally valuable for them as they can monitor and benchmark all locations in one report on one portal.”

Waste Solutions Leading by Example

The company has adopted stringent internal sustainability practices, implementing waste reduction measures across all their operations and facilities. Waste Solutions supports the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. This not only aligns with their mission but also serves as a testament to their dedication to creating a more sustainable future.

Waste Solutions is more than just a waste management company; it’s a catalyst for change. Foodbuy’s association with Waste Solutions embodies a shared vision of minimizing waste and maximizing resource recovery, showcasing how businesses can drive positive change while we all work towards a greener world.

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