Here’s a look at 9 of the top trends you’ll see in the adult beverage market in 2024 according to Datassential’s 2023 Future of Drink report.

Cross over creations:

Rules are made to be broken  and 2024 will be smashing them with a plethora of new drink combos. Look for tea-based alcoholic beverages, cannabis/THC-infused beverages and spiked coconut waters and whiskey seltzers.

The new sober:

Consumers are turning their attention to alcohol-free or reduced alcohol drinks — putting emphasis on the health benefits of drinking less. According to data from Datassential, 49% of consumers are interested in low-alcohol cocktails and 45% of consumers are interested in craft “mocktails”.

Better-For-You Beverages:

Consumers have a strong interest in drinks that are perceived as healthier, have less sugar or fewer calories. This segment includes natural wine and low-calorie/carb beer and cocktails, but also interesting takes on better-for-you drinks like functional sodas and detoxifying cocktails.

Sensory Experiences:

Consumers are looking for the wow-factor with their drinks. They want experiences that touch on all five senses and incorporate unexpected elements, like fire, dry ice, ingredients that change colour as you drink or have infusions of herbs and flowers.

Sparkle & Shine:

Fizzy, sparkling, and carbonated drinks are popping across all alcoholic beverage categories. From unique sparkling wines and wine seltzers to alcoholic tonic waters and extra high-ABV seltzers, there’s been a continued “spike” in this area.

Latin Vibes:

Spirits, liqueurs and cocktails from Central America, South America and the Caribbean are gaining traction. Watch for Latin American cocktails made with smoky mezcal or sweet, complex falernum (a Caribbean syrup of lime and spice, either alcoholic or not).

Asian flare:

Alcoholic beverages from Japan, China, and India to South Korea, Taiwan, and beyond are making a notable  mark. While sake has been fairly well established in the market for a few years now, Japanese whiskey is now increasing in popularity and paving the way for whiskeys from other parts of Asia to begin to shine. And distilled beverages like Shōchū from Japan and Soju from Korea are also making their mark.

Sweet escapes:

This one taps into consumers’ love of sugar with dessert-inspired wines and beers, sodas for grown-ups and alcohol infused dessert. Milkshake IPAs and pastry stouts (a stout brewed intentionally sweet and often made with plenty of sugary ingredients, usually to mimic a dessert’s flavor—and sometimes appearance) are increasing in interest.

Sustainable Sips:

Sustainable beverages, such as those that are produced in a way that has less impact on the environment, have sustainable packaging, or those made with wild yeast or heirloom grain, are still in the early trend stage, but are high on consumers radar.

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