Minimize time and maximize value with Foodbuy’s Audit Services program

Simplify your procurement decisions and let Foodbuy do the work for you. From the most basic audit to our full-service audit, our tiered Audit Services portfolio will ensure your procurement platform is reaching its full potential.

Basic Audits

Receive a monthly detailed analysis on your spend and uncover areas you can save on your procurement needs. Offered at zero cost to Foodbuy members.

Full-Service Audits

Want to ensure you are paying the price you were promised? We find discrepancies and dispute the claims for you. Offered at zero cost to Foodbuy members.

We have a variety of experienced professionals working on your specialized audit. From our Business Analytics Reporting team, who process all audits, to the distribution team who escalates audit responses within the distribution channel, we deliver quick resolutions to our audit findings.

We have proven success in finding pricing discrepancies for our clients:


Identified for a key hospitality client


Identified for the industry leader in airport dining


Identified for a client in the healthcare channel

Our Members

Empowering our members to gain more competitive costs and operational insights

I have been a member of the association program with Foodbuy for a few years now and highly recommend the program. We saw significant savings in our first 6 months, the program is really a no-brainer. No work, no fuss.”

Hotel General Manager

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