StatisticsWebtrition is a web-based menu management tool that saves
time, controls costs and improves operator efficiencies. The program allows foodservice professionals to develop and scale recipes, provide nutritional and allergen data on food ingredients, determine recipe cost and menu pricing, and address food labeling requirements.
Webtrition has a modern look and feel that provides a simplified user experience with functions such as building menus, forecasting, and customizing production reports. Operators can free up valuable time to focus on food and customer satisfaction, improve operations and delivering savings. It is an unbeatable solution for meeting the food service needs of your organization in a consistent, integrated approach without compromising quality or control.

Here’s How Webtrition Works for You:

• Creates menus uniquely engineered for your customer needs
• Provides nutritional analysis using Foodbuy and USDA ingredient databases
• Helps you to control food costs
• Improves quality and consistency of food service operations
• Improves customer satisfaction
• Delivers data for menu labeling and signage
• Offers traceability to thousands of ingredients
• Enables waste reduction through forecasting, portioning and production management
• Provides reporting functionality to streamline your business operations


*For more info on how Webtrition could help your foodservice operation, please Contact Us.

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