Case Study

Participation Growth

Increasing Participation and Overall Savings

How Foodbuy helped a Healthcare client increase participation and revenue by implementing use of Foodbuy solutions to meet the needs of patient meal requirements.


A Foodbuy Healthcare client established goals to improve resident satisfaction, decrease cost of goods and increase rebate revenue.


Foodbuy introduced Webtrition®, a menu management solution to the client to be rolled out across all homes. Reporting generated through Webtrition® helped with cost of meals and reduced waste which in turn reduced overall costs.

Recipes were vetted by Registered Dietitians providing great meals with all nutritionals required for Healthcare. Providing all necessary menus assisted residents who required specific recipes due to various dietary restrictions. Ordering templates with all ingredients were created in Webtrition® allowing homes to maximize use of contracted products. The homes saw cost savings and increased rebate revenue by ensuring they were purchasing the items with the greatest overall value and quality.


As a result of our close collaboration and problem solving, Foodbuy was able to:

  • Participation increased by 20% to a total of 75% on Foodbuy Programs
  • 25% – Savings on cost of goods
  • 10% – Increase in rebate revenue




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