Case Study

Lodging / Membership Growth and Participation

Increasing Membership Growth and Participation

How Foodbuy helped an association by implementing a plan through collaboration in recognizing the need for growth and savings.

Member Profile

This association manages a provincial portfolio that includes hotels, motels, inns and RV parks.

  • Unique differences from one property, unit to the next
  • Members vary and represent one owner of multiple units as well as single properties
  • Various distribution partners throughout the region creating opportunities and showcasing flexibility on the Foodbuy program


The association was looking to increase the participation among active members on program as well as attempt to increase the number of members signed up to Foodbuy.


  • 50+ members signed on and participating on Foodbuy program
  • 3 year participation to date
  • Multiple distinct properties
  • Province wide membership dedicated to increasing tourism


Combining forces with the Association and Foodbuy’s Account Manager, a detailed business plan was agreed upon and implemented. Working together to introduce the Foodbuy program and opportunities to new properties, as well as optimizing and showcasing options to further the participation of those properties already on the program to maximize the rebates and cost savings.


As a result of our close collaboration and problem solving, Foodbuy was able to:

  • $380,000+ in total rebates from October 2016 to March 2019
  • $30,000 in incremental value earned by the association over the three years of the agreement driven by unit participation
  • Foodbuy developed optimization opportunities for specific properties and a general optimization for members showing potential rebates and cost savings
  • Participation in the Association’s Annual Summit Improved

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