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This Member was spending more than $1.7 million annually on dispensed juice in their communities in the United States. Orange juice, apple juice and cranberry juice makes up 100% of their product profile.

Unfortunately, this Member’s current juice supplier was unable to provide a savings solution that would also apply to their Canadian customers. Faced with the challenge of keeping consistency in their locations while also being able to offer a quality product in the juice category, this Member turned to Foodbuy for help in finding a new solution that had minimal impact to their communities.

One of their biggest concerns was making sure that no matter which supplier was selected, product was already stocked and would be easy to transition into their facilities. Additionally, this Member was adamant that product quality and standards matched or exceeded the product that they had already been using.


Foodbuy partnered with this Member to evaluate other juice suppliers who offered comparative products to what they were already using. Foodbuy’s  category and sourcing experts recommended suppliers who offered a comparative product and worked behind the scenes to ensure our distributors had the required products stocked and would be able to transition them into this Member’s communities quickly and efficiently.

Meanwhile, our culinary team worked with the Member to conduct taste tests with residents in some of their largest communities.


As a result of our close collaboration and problem solving, Foodbuy was able to:


  • Provide our Member with a new solution that matched their quality and stocking specifications
  • Find a supplier that offered a more competitive price
  • Help our Member realize $504,000 in savings annually
  • Contribute to a 34% yield rate improvement

Most importantly, they were able to keep consistency in their units, avoid transition issues and offer a delicious quality product that their customers loved.

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