Restaurant, foodservice, and hospitality operators are faced with a challenge to determine the most efficient ways to structure their staff without losing quality. Labor is already tight and business owners may not have room in their budget to hire more people. But there are ways to restructure your staff to create efficiencies and streamline processes.

One way operations have become more efficient is by ensuring they have the right labor lined up for the right tasks. For those companies that utilize night crews crews to manage deliveries, operators can maximize their staff’s labor hours by having them prep for the next day. It saves time and allows your next crew to work on other tasks.

At Foodbuy, we work with customers to find solutions to their labor challenges. We’ve compiled a list of ideas your operation can implement to improve efficiencies based on what we’ve seen successful operations practice with their restaurant staff structure.

Create centralized processes to be more efficient  

Think about who is doing what and decide whether that’s the most effective way to design the system. Does your staff structure make the workflow more efficient? Or are there ways to make the workflow more centralized?

Operations have found it’s more efficient to designate one line cook to make all of the hot food for stations from a centralized location. This allows chefs to focus on preparing cold products rather than having each station service their own hot food. Another way to centralize processes is to figure out how your staff is going to prep. It often saves time to assign a few employees to prepping, instead of having each chef prep their own station.

Put processes in place to ensure your staff does their assigned level of work

There are going to be times when everyone needs to jump in and help out on various tasks, but generally speaking, employees should stick to their individual roles. After all, employees are hired for their specific skill set.

For instance, it’s not efficient for a baker to cut and wrap each item after they finish baking a large volume of brownies. Instead, a cashier or hostess should package each item in between other tasks. A baker can continue to bake more products to sell, optimizing everyone’s time.

Streamline workflows across multiple locations

Find ways to reduce overlap in tasks across all of your locations. Is it possible for one person to pull products for all of your restaurants? Can you create requisitions for ordering products to reduce the likelihood of different employees doing the same job? Streamlining processes can save a significant amount of time, enabling your staff to use their time in other ways.

While it may be challenging to reduce the number of labor hours needed to successfully run your operation, finding areas to increase efficiencies could free up your staff and allow them to be more productive in other areas.

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