Do your employees have a best friend at work? Is there a plan in place to ensure that they do?

These are questions that companies are asking with greater frequency—and for good reason. Research from Gallup has shown that those who report having a best friend at work are seven times as likely to be engaged in their jobs, are better at engaging customers, produce higher quality work, have higher well-being and are less likely to be injured on the job.[1] Unfortunately, only 30% of the respondents to the Gallup poll claimed to have a best friend at work. With the labor market historically tight in 2019 and employee retention a top priority, companies are tackling this problem with increased urgency, creating mentorship programs and investing in social activities.

See how the Breakroom of the Future gets built from the ground up.

Time lapse of the construction of Canteen’s Breakroom of the Future

Some are also looking more holistically at their office environments and the role they can play in facilitating informal interactions and helping employees develop strong relationships at work. Canteen, a Compass sector and leader in office coffee and snacking services, has fielded a number of these types of inquiries from customers and, in response, has created the “Breakroom of the Future.”  This prototype showcases a number of elements designed to enhance the consumer experience and create a comfortable environment for informal gatherings. The “Breakroom of the Future” features several unique upgrades:

  • Snack assortment: Partnering with E15, a research sector of Compass Group, Canteen identifies optimal product assortments. As snacking options have proliferated over the past several years, selecting the right mix of products has become even more critical. Through their supplier partnerships and work with E15, Canteen is able to monitor trends at retail and locally to deliver a balanced snack portfolio that meets all consumer needs, from energy to wellness to portable prepared. Equally important as the assortment itself is the display. For the “Breakroom of the Future,” Canteen makes use of glass-front vending machines, which are more attractive and inviting than traditional vending machines and allow the consumer to quickly assess their options and inventory.
  • Coffee Station: Today’s workforce is looking for much more than a lukewarm carafe. Similar to snacks, coffee options have expanded exponentially—as have consumer expectations when it comes to their experience. Through Canteen’s partnership with Tradecraft, their resident craft coffee and specialty tea experts, they are able to connect consumers with specialty coffee & tea suppliers for a truly exceptional, authentic experience. Canteen is also able to equip the space, as they have in the “Breakroom of the Future,” with state-of-the-art equipment that communicates quality and encourages customization.
  • Frictionless Payment: Advances in technology have greatly simplified commercial transactions, and Canteen has been at the forefront to ensure that consumers have the most convenient payment options. Their proprietary Connect & Pay app allows consumers to pay as they choose. Once downloaded, guests log in, create an account and load funds or designate a card for use to pay as they go. The AirVend Inside vending banks allow guests to pay for vending selections directly from their phones using Bluetooth technology. The app also offers an employer-managed loyalty program. The points-based structure gives employers the flexibility to design programs to maximize engagement and meet specific goals—from health and wellness to everyday celebrations.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can incorporate these solutions into your break area, contact Canteen today: